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Working at Hospital South West Jutland

The patient first

The patient is naturally baseline for everything we do at Hospital South West Jutland. Every day we aim to do the best for both patients and their families.

·         Receive the correct treatment from caring employees

·         Involvement in all relevant part of the procedure

·         Experience a coherent procedure

·         Experience to be met by present and competent employees 

·         Experience good service and kindness in relation to the hospital


Why are we here?

·         We are one out of four acute hospitals in Region Syddanmark.

·         We are here for the patients and their families to offer diagnostics, treatment, service and nurture of highest quality every day of the year.

·         We handle tasks within preventions, rehabilitation, research, education and development.

·         We have visible and ambitious goals for all levels of the organization, which is connected to the national goals. We ensure to reach these goals.


Where do we want to go?

We want to be an efficient hospital with satisfied patients. We will reach this by:  

·         Aspire for balance, cohesiveness, growth and development in the whole hospital and in cooperation with the region

·         Reaching for the same goals

·         Continuingly improving our work resulting in more value and quality for our patients 

·         Work towards that patients and citizens see Sydvestjysk Hospital as “their hospital”. Our focus will be on getting patients and citizens to experience availability, good service and quality.

·         Retain the hospital as an attractive workplace, which can attract and maintain competent employees. As well as a workplace being, which deliberately work to make a good and healthy work environment. A workplace where the employees are proud to be employed.  


The Danish Healthcare Quality Programme

The Danish Healthcare Quality Programme is a quality development and accreditation system for the entire Danish healthcare system. The programme is based on a common set of standards and indicators and it focuses on patient care across health care sectors, between institutions and within institutions.

 Read more about The Danish Healthcare Quality Programme here



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